Jan 31st 2014

Here a “classic” from the “old show.” In an expose during Late Night Superlatives, Mike gets it stuck to (?) by Arian Foster for looking middle eastern. We, on the other hand, know how to appreciate a good beard. 

Gotta shave that.

Feb 7th 2014

Hey everyone! Long time no see, we know. I’m sure you were all wondering as to the future of the blog a) since we’ve been gone so long and b) now that Jimmy has moved on to the Tonight show. All your emails were very much appreciated. I truly did not appreciate so many of them (hundreds? really?!). Let’s address these queries now, shall we?

As for a) it’s because I’m lazy. Plain and simple. However, we do have a backlog of almost all the Late Night episodes and are sifting through them trying to find all the Mike appearances we’ve missed.

As for b), well since the Tonight show is on late at night, any appearances by Mike would technically be on “late night” television. Let’s keep our eyes open and see where things go. The blog continues!

Here is the final Mike appearance on the 969th Late Night as the Mets Bucket Hat guy. Mike gets air time when Jimmy goes through Late Night stats over the years.  Even though he’s in the rails at the music segment in the beginning (and he was there before during the storm evacuation some years ago) we find out that Mets Bucket hat guy has walked out angrily 12 times during the show.

It’s a good show tonight! It’s the last one!

May 24 2013

In the most elaborate Late Night sketch since the True Blood spoof, this Game of Thrones spoof has Mike in the Hall: Home of the Late Night’s Watch segment of the skit. He has no lines, but if he was going to deliver them like Questlove anyway, maybe that’s a good thing.


…it is said she has… uh…peacoooocks…

July 10 2013



Here’s the latest in the horribly convoluted history of the wolf waker.

The journey to liberate the bird-like creatures of Barnard’s world had begun with purpose. But readings from the star’s core troubled the wolf waker. As the conjoining plagues wholly spread amongst the wolf army. he wondered if they would ever make it home.

He had witnessed enough pain and cruelty for a thousand lifetimes, but he still recoiled at the horrible mutations that the plague had brought. Innocent and loyal wolves were sacrificed, flung screaming into the ocean of burning methane, which lay beyond the great waste.

 And now the bird king had gone mad, calling for a world-wide insurrection against the wolves before he too felt the bitter sting of the wolf waker’s harmonic spear. There were only 3 keys left to the quantum tunnel. Two of them were flying like daggers into the heart of the faltering star.

July 16 2013



Ooooh, we know! Here’s the latest Mike On Late Night appearance! It’s Mets Bucket Hat Guy. Milking it. Miiiilking it! Does Mike really do these off the top of his head? Also, that girl in the white top and pig tails is getting WAY too into it.


Well I know you, ‘cause your mind is my jungle gym!

October 31 2012



In this special old Halloween skit we see Mike as one of the writers, who can see the Roots, who can see AD Miles (and the basketball players, along with Bashir – NOT racist), who can see Higgins, who can see Jimmy, who can see the lamp (but not the guy in the newspaper costume). In that order. Exclusively.

Honestly, one of the best LNWJF sketches in a while.

Rachel Maddow! Anybody?

February 20 2013

Today we have a good one. As it turns out, with Mike’s delicate palate being common knowledge, it only makes sense that he has never eaten a pickle before in his life. He has an aversion to the color apparently? Also, most vegetables. It’s amusing to hear the collective gasp of the audience as he admits that he’s never had a hamburger with tomatoes on it either, even though tomatoes are red. So, this sin is rectified as Mike (who is 39, apparently) has his first taste on network television. His description of it after he chokes on a pickle is truly timeless…




Vinegary and… ah… stuff…

February 25 2013

On a role here, and what could be better than some Wolf Waker? Though this time around we find a little bit more about the Wolf Waker’s nebulous past, it’s bears noting that the Wolf Waker enjoys delicate cheeses every now and then.

For centuries, the Wolf Waker had journeyed in solitude. Thousands of lightyears from the lush bosom of the wolf planet. He was the Krylon-4 star system’s most gifted warrior, yet his nights were spent alone huddled in his starship upon a meager buckwheat cushion. Harmonic spear at his side. And each dawn as he awoke from restless slumber to the blinding haze of a white hot intergalactic sun, he would raise his face to the heavens and wonder, “Will I ever know love?”

And so it was that one day a beautiful she-wolf appeared to him, thousands of years his junior. With a delicate snout and coat so subtle, it set the very ions of the Wolf Waker’s synthetic consciousness ablaze. For seven blissful harvests, she shared his buckwheat cushion, and the Wolf Waker at last knew peace in his loins.

But, he knew also that his destiny lay elsewhere, and that he must travel onward without her. Ever onward. In a scorching pillar of fusion flame, deeper and further amongst the distant stars, defending the wolves against sentinent hyperviolent robotic overlords, and waking them when they slept.

March 11 2013

Aaaaand we’re back! After a long hiatus we’re trying to get back into the mix of things. Nothing helps us get off our asses like an appearance by Mets Bucket Hat Guy. Much like Bucket Hat Guy, it must be that we’re just looking for love. It’s obvious that Mets Bucket Hat Girl (Lena) was not the one. Mike’s true love was sitting right next to him the whole time. The way she stares at him…

Well I know you, ‘cause I sleep inside your soul!

August 20th 2012

Cupid’s arrow is always a pleaser, but maybe not because Mike is in it… whenever he’s in it. This time around, we wonder if it’s even necessary to film Mike’s appearances anymore. Gus Dilello is ma’ Jell-O ©!

I’m Mitchell not Mitch. Mitchell not Mitch.